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Dino Robot Battle Field Apk v3.4.0 (Mod Money)

Dino Robot Battle Field Apk v3.4.0 (Mod Money) Is Casual Game . Download Dino Robot Battle Field Apk Mod From Mod Apk With Direct Link .

Tyranno Red (Tyrannosaurus), Tricera Blue (Triceratops)
Stegoceras, Ptera Green(Pteranodon), Stego Gold(Stegosaurus),
Smilodon Black (Smilodon), Lightning Parasau (Parasaurolophus),
Knight Ankylo (Ankylosaurus), Deep Plesio (Plesiosaurus),
Tyrannotops (combine type), Velocirapto, Tyranno Heavy shooter (combine type)
Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Soldier, Pachycephalosaurus,
Spinosaurus, Ceratosaurus, mammoth, Giganotosaurus
T-Rex Almighty(combine type), Mosasaurus, Microceratus,
Proganochelys, Allosaurus,T-Rex Highway(combine type),
euoplocephalus, Gallimimus, Amargasaurus, Therizinosaurus
Amarga Allo(combine type),Terminator T-Rex, Styracosaurus, Kentrosaurus,
Compsognathus, Temityranno Comthus(combine type), Quetzalcoatlus
Who is the strongest dinosaurs in Battlefield ?!

Game Screenshots

dino-robot-battle-field-apk dino-robot-battle-field-apk-2 dino-robot-battle-field-apk-3 dino-robot-battle-field-apk-4 dino-robot-battle-field-apk-5

Game Info

Game Name : Dino Robot Battle Field
Game Category : Casual Games
Last Updated On : August 26, 2016
Game Size : 45 MB
Version of The Game : 3.4.0
Developer Firm : TheFlash&FirstFox
File Format : Apk
Requires Android : 2.3 and up
Total Installs : 1,000,000 +
Google Play Rating : 4.0 / 5

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